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Richmond Radiologists, Inc. has been providing expert quality medical imaging for Reid Hospital and Health Care Services since 1974. We provide high quality interpretations for Ultrasound, CT, MRI, Nuclear Medicine, Mammography, and Plain Radiographs as well as perform a wide variety of invasive diagnostic and therapeutic services.

  • William Cory Gray, M.D.

    William Cory Gray, M.D.

    Board certified in Radiology. Director of Radiology at Reid Hospital and Healthcare Services.

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  • Beth E. Ingram, M.D.

    Beth E. Ingram, M.D.

    Board certified in Radiology and holds a certificate of qualification in Interventional Radiology.

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  • Michael G. Khamis, M.D.

    Michael G. Khamis, M.D.

    Board certified in Radiology. Fellowship trained in Abdominal Imaging.

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  • Jeremy A. Lindahl, D.O.

    Jeremy A. Lindahl, D.O.

    Residency program completed in 2007. Board Eligible. Joined RRI group in July 2007.

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  • Roy M. Teng, D.O.

    Roy M. Teng, D.O.

    Board certified in Radiology, Angiography and Interventional Radiology. Fellowship trained in Angiography and Interventional Radiology.

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  • Frederic E. Vanbastelaer, M.D.

    Frederic E. Vanbastelaer, M.D.

    Board certified in Radiology. Specials interests include Utrasound, Nuclear Medicine, MRI and Interventional.

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  • William A. Lynn, M.D.

    William A. Lynn, M.D.

    Board certified in Radiology, Dr. Lynn once participated in Project World Health Medical Mission in Port Au Prince, Haiti.

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